Silly Men’s Fashion Mistakes All of Us Still Make

If you feel like men’s fashion is an anomaly to you, then you’re not alone. It turns out all or most of us have made some very basic men’s fashion mistakes. The good news is most of these are easy to correct. You don’t want to continue looking silly if you don’t need to. So read on, and fix these common men’s fashion mistakes that any number of us still make in our daily lives.

Belts and Suspenders

Choose one, not both. We’ve all been there, wondering if we could get away with wearing just one. It almost seems like we’re doing the wrong thing, because most of us aren’t brought up with suspenders. Choose one to hold up your pants. And definitely make it suspenders every once in a while. If you don’t own a good pair of suspenders, invest in one.

Graphic Tees

That beloved and cynical retro logo shirt you have? It’s got to go! Well, outside of housework or a workout. Don’t wear them out in public! Graphic tees make you look young, and not in a good way. It’s true that you can pull off nicer tees, but those should be the exception, not the rule for the modern man’s wardrobe.

Indulging in Trends

Trends are a good way to buy into something that will be irrelevant 6 months from now. Fashion trends can be fun, and you should indulge in the ones that fit your style, but chasing trends is a surefire way to show you’re a bit backward when it comes to fashion.

Bio: Today, Dev Randhawa manages multiple blogs that help to fund his travels around the world. Since 2010, Dev Randhawa has been at the forefront of fashion insight and men’s style.