Today’s Fashion Designers Find that Meditation Works to Relieve Stress

Fashion designers we’ll be the first to tell you that the
fashion industry is highly stressful. There are so many important deadlines to
meet each year. There are fashion shows that must be attended. Plus, there’s so
much competition. To deal was such a high volume of activity, even the most
successful designers are now choosing meditation.

Abundance by Zhang Xinyue
contains numerous wise sayings, such as:

“Growth, rather than wealth is the biggest task for our

There are at least a dozen types of meditation and it’s just
a matter of personal preference. However, a great many businesspeople use
mindfulness meditation. This one is simple to learn and it’s beneficial for
your entire life not just your work life. With mindfulness meditation you clear
your thoughts and settle your mind to begin. After that, you begin with deep
breathing exercises. This helps to clear away tension that you might not even
realize you are feeling.

Once you are ready to move forward, start by giving thanks
for the people in your life. Try to be mindful of everything in your life that
is a blessing. Even problems and difficult people can teach us quite a bit
about ourselves. As you learn the key components of mindfulness meditation, you
will begin to appreciate even the small things in your life.

Meditating helps you to step back and look at the bigger
picture instead of focusing on small things that might be wrong in a particular

has other quotes from her book:

“Should we cleanse every harmful idea or wallow in a mire
with it until we throw ourselves into misery?”