Must-Have Eye Shadow Palettes for the Holidays

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending a few shindigs this year, one thing’s for certain: you will be wearing eye shadow. But everyday eye shadow palettes don’t stand a chance under the spotlight of the holidays. You will definitely need some new shades.

Holiday eye shadow is all about being fun and creative. Cosmix Inc., one of the top schools of makeup artistry in the nation, considers the following eye shadow palettes perfect for the holidays:

Bold and Beautiful

Going to a holiday gala or office party somewhere formal? A bold palette is the perfect look for formal events. Consider creating the Smokey Eye look with hues such as black, brown, navy blue, ash, and copper. Remember that bold doesn’t have to be bright. You can easily create a bold look with nude colors such as tan, brown, and copper.

Soft and Seductive

While bold and beautiful might be perfect for the office holiday party, you might want something softer if you’re hosting a party at home. In this case, consider softer hues such as pearl, grey, lavender, and gold.

Shimmer and Shine

Whether you pick a palette that is bold and beautiful or soft and seductive, make sure it has some shimmer – sparkles are a must for holiday eye shadows. You can also use glitter.

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