Fashion Trends: A Must Have Basic Color In Your Wardrobe


It evolves yearly yet so much has to be abreast of when it comes to fashion trend.  Everyone wants to be up to date when it comes to fashion from clothing, to jewelleries, accessories, shoes and bags and other items associated to fashion.  What do we do when it comes to fashion?  Do we keep up with what’s new in the market or we mix and match what we have in our closet?  It is up to us to be in fashion for every occasion and season.  We are updated by what’s in on the fashion scene in the different venues such as fashion magazines, websites, fashion television channel, and billboards even.  Men and women nowadays are conscious of being updated in fashion trends.

A must have basic color in our wardrobe is black and white.  Anything goes with it for mix and match in the daily wear for office work.  Denim is for casual days and outdoor.  These three basic items in the wardrobe are a big gap to mix and match other colors available in your own closets.  Jo Davies founder of Black White Denim has a collection designed with the woman’s body in mind.  In creating designs she keep in mind what the customers need and want as their essential basic pieces.  This is to give  a diverse options for customers to play around with what’s available in their own wardrobe to be paired with the basic essential colors.  These basic colors should also comes in a comfortable type of fabric that acts as foundations in the complete ensemble and looks of the customers preference.




Formal attired usually use the basic black color may it be for formal office attire or formal night out dinner or any formal occasions to go to after work.  It is the most safe color to choose from when it comes to formal attire choice.  The neckline varies from turtle neck to simple round or V-neck cut.  But for those who would prefer to be a bit provocative yet dignified look, the cut can be lowered either in front to show off a little of cleavage or can be cut lowered at the back for a simple yet elegant style.

Other options for a mystique elegant look is the basic color black but see through fabric or lace fabric.

White colors can be commonly paired with denim or black either be top or skirt or even pants.  White top comes in neat and clean yet be accessorized with different items such as fashionable necklace with matching earrings and bangles.  In some occasions it ca be added up with fashionable colourful bandanas or scarf that would match the bag and shoes depending on the occasion or the time of day.  Basic colors are easy to pair with any colors.  It won’t look over accessories as it’s the basic color foundations that are simple yet elegant to look at.

Formal to casual – black, white, denim are one of those must have in the wardrobe.  Be it men or women it’s easy to mix match other colors to this basic foundation colors in your complete appropriate look for any occasion.  Be wise and try this on your own.  Less stress, less expensive and even look elegant and feel confident.