Crash Course: Learn More About Estate Sales

Most estate sales occur either when the owner is looking to downsize, or if the owner has passed on. These sales can be interesting events for hobbyists and professional buyers to peruse, and you might find something of value like antique engagement rings. You can find excellent deals, but you have to have a keen eye for jewellery.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, estate sales are a good place for amateur buyers to find affordable pieces. That includes things like vintage dining sets, with actual silverware. Maybe antique clocks or side tables. You can think of an estate sale a bit like a yard sale, only the goods available are usually rarer and of much higher quality.

Professional collectors always have pieces in mind, looking specifically for art deco rings or Victorian necklaces, others may have an eye for classic cars. If you research what you want ahead of time, you’ll be able to identify a piece and check for its authenticity. Especially if you know it intimately. You might even meet come across some antique dealers who can help you find pieces missing in your collection.

Keep in mind that what you buy can be re-purposed for your own use. For example, if you find a particular piece with gemstones or metals that you like, and it’s inexpensive, melt the metals down and build custom jewellery from Toronto. The new piece will suit your style, and you’ll save on acquiring the metals and gemstones you’re looking for.