4 Winter Weather Outfit Necessities

Beanie: A thick cotton beanie will help keep you warm and hides bed head hair. There are tons of beanie styles for everyone. There are ones that have zigzags, polka dots, or ribbed weaving. Some are slouchy and look artsy, while there are other ones that have little puff balls at the very top. Now, coordinate your unique beanie with your outfit and then rock it.

Flannel: Red, green, and blue long sleeved cotton flannel are pieces you can borrow from your husband or boyfriend right now. It’s cold out, the thicker the material the better. If you prefer thinner flannel that isn’t so bulky or masculine, there are numerous flannel printed long sleeved shirts sold online. We suggest you dress it up by wearing an elegant silver or gold necklace with beautiful cross pendants to celebrate Christmas this year.

Knitted Shirts: These long sleeve shirts are thick and cozy. Wear them with a cool band shirt layered on top. Dress up your rock and roll inspired look with Christian Jewelry pieces like a silver necklace or ring to balance an edgy look with a softer side.

Fleece Lined Leggings: This is the perfect piece to layer a jean skirt over it or you can wear it with a flannel shirt or longer tunic blouses. Thick leggings will keep you warm but you’ll look frumpy if you don’t pair it with the right boots; try biker or mid calf boots. You could even get away with wearing a funky or solid color flat.