3 Ways to Look Younger By Taking Care of Your Hair

Even if you have stayed in shape and still have firm skin, the state of your hair determines how young you look. In fact, experts believe that you can easily turn back the clock just by making a few adjustments in the manner by which you take care of your hair.

So, here are 3 ways by which you can look younger by taking care of your hair differently:

#1: Go for Maximum Shine

According to experts, it’s not a good idea to use hot tools for your hair more than five times a week. Instead, apply a nourishing hair mask coupled with shea butter almost every two weeks so as to not only repair scraggly ends but also give your hair that long-lasting sheen. Better still, in order to give dry strands life, use a lightweight shine spray for your hair.

#2: Let Your Hair Down

No matter what you do, ensure that you do not tie your hair into a tight knot or bun. The best approach instead is to leave your strands loose and let flow. If you do this, then there’s movement and fullness around the sides of your face.

#3: Keep Frizziness Under Control

With age, the hair cuticle becomes coarser, which creates frizziness that is hard to tame. There are two ways of dealing with this. One includes adding Vitamin E to your shampoo or to your at-home hair color. The second involves asking your stylist for naturally blended layers that will ensure that thick, dense strands falling smoothly around your head.