What to Do When Shopping for Vintage or Antique Jewellery

Before you go out and purchase the first piece of jewellery that claims to be authentic, confirm it first.

Searching for a true authentic piece of jewellery isn’t the easiest task. Not only will you have to sift through endless amounts of jewellery that “claim” to be authentic, you’re most likely going to take a chance on a shop that lacks a certain “credibility” to find these rare pieces. There’s also a certain level of difficulty when it comes to identifying jewellery pieces as they are extremely easy to duplicate. However, there are certain aspects and features that distinguish them from the pack such as craftsmanship, stamps, and certain metals.

Make Sure to Ask Questions

When you first enter a jewellery shop, it’s important to ask questions to confirm its authenticity. Ask a series of questions that revolve around the concept as well as the time period that it was produced. By asking these questions, you’ll be able to avoid overpaying for your vintage engagement rings or other jewellery items on the spot.


While you may be intrigued into visiting an estate sale, there is no professional that is going to be on hand to validate whether or not your jewellery item is real or not. There is a certain degree of risk associated with attending these sales. Although the prices are fairly reasonable, you’ll want to confirm with a professional that the estate jewellery that you found is considered what it was advertised to be. Visiting a professional that specializes in the industry will resolve any questions that you may have about the jewellery that you purchased.