Top tips for Fashion on a Budget

When you are looking to be at the top of the fashion world, despite the fact that you don’t have a ton of cold, hard cash, there are a few things you can do in order to make sure you are practicing high fashion on a budget. Here are some tips from fashion blogger Dev Randhawa.

Simple Handbags

One way that you can look as though you are ready to walk the catwalk without spending a ton of dough is to go with a very simple and small handbag. The smaller the handbag the more fashion ready it will look. Just prepare to not have many accessories on you at any given time.

Faux Suede shoes

When you are looking for a pair of low-cost pumps to sport, you are always going to look better in faux suede than you will in faux leather.

Get the right kind of fabric

When you are looking for clothes that will appear to be more expensive than they really are, there are a couple of fabrics that will always look like they’re worth more than they are. Tweed, linen and cotton are always going to look as though they are more expensive than they are, as long as you keep them in good shape.

Pay attention to the color

When you want to make your clothes look more expensive than they are, go with black. This simple color will always make even the cheapest piece of clothing look like it’s worth more than it really is.