Tips to Ask for Organic Clothing for Your Baby Shower

Kids organic cotton pajamas are a healthy alternative to your typical baby clothing. Some of the industry’s largest producers of baby onesies and children’s pajamas won’t talk about the chemicals they use manufacturing your child’s clothing. That’s a scary thought. So, if you’re expecting, or you’ve got an upcoming birthday to plan for, you might want to ask your guests to shop organic. That’s a rabbit hole some of them may be more willing to dive deep into than others. Here are some tips to help everyone find something you’ll use, they can find affordably, and will make everyone happy.

List Companies

One excellent way to let other people know where to shop for boys or girls organic pajamas is to just list the companies you support and buy from. Ordering online is super simple these days, and your family and friends will appreciate having a list of places to buy from. Try and find different price ranges so everyone can contribute, regardless of their own finances.

Make a Wishlist

Amazon’s wish list is a wonderful way to aggregate all of your boys organic pajamas choices. You can list items that can’t be found on Amazon’s website too. You’ll need the browser extension, but you can just include the URL for your Amazon wish list in all of your invitations. You can also save paper and email everyone so they’ll be able to click that link, rather than type it out and risk not finding you.

Handling Returns

What do you do if someone doesn’t buy organic? There are a few ways to handle this without being confrontational. The first is to accept the gift, be gracious, and remind your guest that you are trying to live an organic lifestyle. Perhaps he or she would be willing to offer a gift card, in exchange for their gift, so that you can find something you approve of. You can also ask guests to bring alternative gifts in lieu of organic clothing, such as books or specific toys.