Taking Breaks to Reduce Eye Strain

Screen usage has become a major part of most people’s lives. Watching your favorite TV show, going to a movie premiere, working in a modern office, and texting your friends about dinner plans all involve using a screen, in some capacity. While there is nothing inherently wrong with using screens, doctors do warn people about the negative health effects that come with intense exposure to the bright lights that are oftentimes given off by them.

Follow some simple tips on taking breaks to keep your eyes healthy and reduce the pain associated with screen usage.

Knowing When

A simple, yet very effective, way to reduce screen-induced eye pain is to simply take breaks. You might be wondering how much are contacts when you should be measuring how often you use screens. After every hour or so of heavy screen usage you should try to take a five minute break to rest your eyes. Even if your eyes are not particularly tired, extended usage

Knowing How

Resting your eyes can be achieved by walking around, getting some fresh air outside, or simply shutting them. Give those Lens.com contacts a short break. One common mistake people trying to take a break from working will make is doing something else that involves a screen. For instance, taking a break from working on your essay to watch videos or check social media might clear your mind a bit but you are still exposing your eyes to screens. You would be surprised how much a difference just a few minutes of rest can make on your physical and mental alertness.