Men’s Hair Trends for 2017

Hot hair isn’t just for women, and most men know what the perfect coif or quiff can do for their sex appeal and image.

In 2016, a lot of the hairstyles for men included neat, slicked and every strand in place. If you’re eager to let loose, 2017 is your time, gentlemen; it’s all about the texture and movement of the masculine head of hair.

In other words, says Dev Randhawa, the men’s hair trends for 2017 are creative, playful and with an attitude.

The runways have spoken, and your choices are many, including the old-fashioned parted down the middle style. Gucci and Prada were favoring the look, and models with straight or wavy hair and chiseled bone structure pulled it off best. Curly locks shouldn’t bother, but if you have some length going on, the center part is very sexy, and the chicks really dig it.

If a quiff is more of your thing, then get busy. The trend is super hot and requires longer hair on top and plenty of creative styling products. A little clay or hair putty can mold your modern quiff to amazing proportions. Singer Zayn Malik has perfected the quiff with his short back and sides and that incredible tumble of hair on top. Five inches long will do for ideal quiff creation.

Don’t be afraid to go grey, sir; the look is hot for 2017. The right tone of silver enhances the skin tone. Some guys are purposely having their locks dyed grey for the trend.