How to Remove Facial Hair

Every person has facial hair. In most women, it’s fine and doesn’t show up. But some have large, dark and thick hair on their face. This hair growth may be due to genes or different medical conditions.

Facial hair can cause discomfort to most women. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. There are different methods of hair removal. Just choose one that works best for your hair types and needs, here are some tips from Danie’s Beauty Salon.

Laser Hair Removal

Are you looking for a near-permanent facial hair removal process? Well, laser hair removal is your best bet.

An expert directs a laser to your hair’s pigment, scorching, damaging and killing it. It’s highly effective when removing hair on your chin and upper lip.

You’ll need six or more laser treatments to remove facial hair. In the end, expect between 85 to 95 percent hair reductions.

If done properly, the results will be permanent. That’s why you need a competent facial hair removal in Glendale, CA salon expert for the task.


Sugaring hair removal technique has been in use for centuries. It involves applying a paste to the skin and extracting it gently in the direction of hair growth.

Don’t confuse sugaring with waxing. They’re different! It doesn’t remove your skin’s top layer. So, it’s a gentler option if you have sensitive skin.

Sugaring is done by an expert by hand. They apply the natural paste and remove it by use of a flicking motion.

Its effects tend to last a month longer than waxing. That’s because the paste grabs hair by its roots.