Guide to Different Beads Types

Written by Too Cute Beads

There are hundreds of bead types around the world. However for easier categorizing, we can classify them by the materials they’re made from. There are wooden, glass, plastic, fabric, and paper beads. Gemstones are placed in different category in jewelry making.

Sea glass is similar to beach glass. The frosted effect is made from glass weathered from chemical and physical forces by the sea or from fresh water bodies. There are also artificial sea glass beads that you can buy precut by bead manufacturers.

Swarovski beads, though they look like cut gemstones, they fall under lead glass beads. These are synthetic and made in Austria. These beads considered as high quality beads because of the materials used and the precise facets that give them exceptional brilliance and sparkle. Though Swarovski crystals are man-made, these are durable and almost as hard as Cubic Zircornia. Swarovski crystals are not just used in jewelry, but other variations are also used in optics. These characteristics define the reason why Swarovski crystal beads are so expensive and rarely seen at local craft stores.

The most common beads seen in local jewelry making supplies are wood and glass beads. They can come in different shapes; round ones, cube, elongated and teardrop shaped. However, they are usually center drilled for easy stringing.

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