Brand new Converse for Next Season

Brand new Converse for Next Season

Article Written by : Square Room Records

New entry in Converse house that raises a street must increasingly widespread: the sneakers with wedge. A trend already started some time ago with the super-cleared platform version gymnastic signed Isabel Marant, a trend which has virally infected all the most famous fashion designers in the world. Could be outdone Converse? Certainly not, since we’re talking about one of the most loved brand in absolute young people of all ages around the globe.





Here then Converse redesigns its most iconic shoe, the Chuck Taylor, adding a stylish touch that will make a difference next summer: the wedge or two-tone black and white rubber. A rise in addition to being already appreciated by all fashionistas and lovers of sports shoes in general, combines a few inches more (which it never hurts to propel) the undisputed comfort of sneakers. Brand new Converse for next season are perfect for a casual and trendy, with a touch of style and underground metro.