4 Fabric textures plus-size women should try

Written by Costbuys

Lux fabrics can add a bit of interest even to the simplest outfit. Think of soft lace and velvet fabrics that make the wearer feel glamorous. Most plus sized women avoid textured fabrics as they may feel that it adds unnecessary bulk. However, this is not the case and here are 4 fabric textures that plus size women should shop for.

Velvet – Velvet feels luxuries against your skin and the fabric has a sheen that elevates an outfit. Look at buying a velvet maxi coat and wear it as a dress. You could also look at investing in a velvet blazer that will suit any LBD or cocktail dress.

Metallic – To add sparkle to the holiday season, include metallic hues in silver, gold or gunmetal. Metallic create a chic, modern vibe that is perfect for seasonal parties.

Lace – Lace gives a feminine vibe like no other fabric. You can wear it in the form of a jumpsuit or look for an off the shoulder top for a casual look.

Jacquard – Jacquard is an opulent fabric, which includes intricate designs. To show off the fabric, choose sleek, clean pieces that are not fussy. The best option is an A-line dress or a simple blazer.

Shopping online is an easy way to get a hold of these pieces during the busy holiday season. Just remember to check the online size guide to ensure you receive the correct size.


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